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Proper sod installation can help ensure the protection of your sod investment while supporting the long-term success of the newly planted sod. It is essential to the health of your sod to consider all the steps that are necessary to getting the best performance out of your sod and avoiding future problems. Before you get started, make a plan and secure the appropriate tools you’ll need beforehand. You should also understand the procedures required in caring for a newly established lawn after sod installation.

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Topdressing and Aeration of your lawn has many benefits when done properly. Topdressing essentially is the spreading of mineral and nutrient rich material such as compost over your lawn as evenly as possible and to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch. If not done correctly and professionally, the topdressing materials may be applied improperly, resulting in uneven depths of material across the lawn. This can impede water and nutrient accessibility creating wet and dry areas that impact turfgrass growth and the overall appearance of the lawn, but when done correctly the results can transform any lawn into a beautiful, lush, green, healthy, stress and drought resistant lawn. It can make it a lawn that is much less susceptible to the crazy Texas weather and most importantly the Texas heat. It can eliminate up to 70% of your need for outside watering as well as the the costs associated with that watering. There are even rebate programs that offer rebates towards the potential cost of improving the health of your lawn and lessening its need for water by aeration and the application of compost topdressing. Information about these incentives can be found at

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Topdressing Lawns can:

1. suppress weeds

2. improve soil quality

3. moderate soil temperature extremes

4. conserve soil moisture

5. achieve healthier lawns without relying on excessive watering, fertilizing and chemical weed control.

6. promotes healthy root and soil structure

7. increases natural soil aeration

8. drastically improves drought resistance

9. improves poor soil quality and/or quantity.

10. infuses nutrients and minerals essential for a strong, healthy, drought resistant lawn.
11. safely and effectively fill in any uneven or low areas of your lawn.
12. improves density which naturally combats and chokes out unwanted weeds.
13. improves drainage
14. improves the overall health of a lawn making it a lush, greener, durable, and exponentially more drought resistant while actually cutting back on watering and watering costs..   
15. reduces lawn stresses and helps keep thatch under control.
16. improves soil biology by adding organic matter and the beneficial microorganisms found in the compost used for top dressing which also acts as a long-term natural fertilizer.
17. Adding organic matter to a lawn by topdressing with compost is arguably the most beneficial lawn care treatment or practice that the science of lawn care has to offer.
18. When applied following core aeration, the topdressing material filters into the holes opened by the aeration process, speeding grass recovery.
19. your lawn will be less susceptible to drought, heat and other stresses.

1. The aerating opens up the soil, allowing for better air and water movement and reduced compaction.  Topdressing with compost helps fill in the holes
2. Combined with core aeration places new organic material and nutrients deeper into the soil
3. alleviate compaction issues and improve water, air and nutrient movement into the soil (infiltration)

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